Elishah JohnPastor Elishah John

serves in a Baptist Church in London and is originally from Pakistan. He is often seen on various media platforms, preaching the word of God.

He has been living in the UK for a very long time and serving the Lord Jesus


noble samuelPastor Noble Samuel

is a well known figure amongst Christians in the UK and is often seen preaching on various television channels.

He is known to be the pioneer of South Asian Christian radio broadcast in the UK and is the founder of "Khush Khabri Radio" on Sky satettlite.


unavailablePastor Joel Raja

is from Sheikh-u-Pura, Pakistan and serves as a Pastor in United Presbyterian Church.

His family tree links him to the famous Christian village "Youngson Abad" in Pakistan. He has been serving the Lord for a long time and continues to do so.


anil anthonyAnil Anthony

is from Karachi, Pakistan and is well known for playing Saxophone in the Christian community.

He launched his firts album "Zaboor On Saxophone"


jamil nasirRev. Dr. Jamil Nasir

is Chairman and national head of the Church of Pentecost in Pakistan and "Christian Theological Research Centre" Lahore, Pakistan.


marshall zamanPastor Marshall Zaman

from the UK was ordained to serve as a pastor by the Apostolic Church in 2010.

He has appeared on the show on a number of ocassions.

Mr & Mrs SharifMr & Mrs Sharif

Mr & Mrs Samuel Sharif are from Walsall and came in our studio on Sunday, 16 July 2013.

This couple is originally from Pakistan but now dwell in the United Kingdom for very many years


suleman javedSuleman Javed

Suelman Javed is reaching out to the Asians with God's love in any practical ways he can. He loves to share the hope, the significance in life & the purpose he himself has found in the Lord Jesus Christ


michealPastor Michael

is a passionate preacher and has been part of the show once when he preached in English and the sermon was interpreted by Pastor Marshall Zaman.

He's a well known figure to the South Asians dwelling in and around Walsall

daniel choranjiDanny Choranji

Danny Choranji is the Director of The Voice Asia and music producer. He previously worked as a radio presenter for 11 years at BBC


beoluf sardarBeoluf Sardar

is a well known figure amongst South Asian Christians in the UK and is often seen on Glory TV.

He's originally from Pakistan but now resides in England where he is very active in preaching the Gospel of Lord Jesus

mushtaq masihBishop Mushtaq Masih

is originally from Pakistan but now resides in the UK and serves in the Christian Way of Life Church, Manchester Central parish.

naveed malikPastor Naveed Malik

Naveed was born in the northern part of Pakistan. The Lord opened his spiritual eyes in 1984. The journey of his spiritual life is full of miracles


unavailablePastor Asif Gill

is the man of God from Coventry, UK.

He became part of the show once when he preached to our worldwide audience and his sermon was highly appreciated.

unavailablePastor Younis Karam Gill

from Coventry, UK has been serving the Lord for many years.

He actively preached the Gospel in Libya and helped establishing various Urdu language churches there.

viraj earnestViraj Earnest

came on show on Sunday, 27 January 2013 and preached the word of Lord in Punjabi.

Viraj is part of the Indian Christian Concern and is based in Burton, United Kingdom. A very enthusiastic and spirit filled young man who's eager to preach His word to the world.

joseph johnPastor Joseph John

is from Walsall, UK and is enthusiastic about the Word of God.

He is originally from Pakistan and have spent time in Kuwait also. Now in the UK, he's an active Christian who takes part in community and Chuch work.

yaqoob bashirYaqoob Bashir

is from the UK and is part of the Walsall Community Church, with the vision to preach and reach Christians as well as non-Christians.


johnson-paulRev. Johnson Paul

A strong diving call has been always sensed on Rev Johnson Paul's life since his childhood. He belongs to a very rigid Christian religious background but he surreneded himself fully to God Almighty.


albert nasimCol. Albert Nasim (RET)

from Karachi served in the Pak Army and while he was on his private visit to the UK in August 2012, we considered it as an opportunity to get hold of him and interview.


pervez akhtarPervez Akhtar

is an enthusiastic inidival with a vision and desire to preach the Gospel of Lord Jesus to anyone and everyone.

He is from the Punjab region of Pakistan and has spent a long time in Kuwait, where he actively took part in the church activities as well preaching the Gospel.


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