suleman javedSuleman Javed

Suelman Javed is reaching out to the Asians with God's love in any practical ways he can. He loves to share the hope, the significance in life & the purpose he himself has found in the Lord Jesus Christ

. His heart's desire is to see Christ loved and worshipped by the Asians in the UK and all over the world. He loves to encourage Christian Asians, sharing God's love with their Asian neighbours worldwide. He is involved in producing evangelistic & discipleship literature. He loves to study God's word and to pray with people as he believes that they opens God's door in people's lives. As a qualified TESOL teacher he leads the Free English Classes in the local area to help the new comers and those who have lived long time in the UK and still struggle to integrate into the society.Through that he has lots of opportunities to reachout and to touch many lives locally. He is very glad to come (wherever possible) and encourage any church/fellowship about The Great Commision, witnessing, praying with people & reaching neighbours with God's love. He is married and have four children and is part of a local church.