daniel choranjiDanny Choranji

Danny Choranji is the Director of The Voice Asia and music producer. He previously worked as a radio presenter for 11 years at BBC

Asian Network and also on BBC Radio 5 for which he won a Sony Award in 1992 and DJ of the Year award in 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993.

Music producing, composing and performing has been his main career since his teenage years. His flair for business has enabled him to be successfully self-employed in the competitive market of the Asian music industry and establish his own 24 track digital recording studios in India and the UK.

Danny Choranji began his musical career by joining the first Asian rock band called LEO, breaking the cultural barriers in the world of music.

In 1982 he formed, managed and led DCS, an eight member Bhangra band. With this group he achieved immense success, being accredited with three gold discs, one double platinum disc and an award for the best musical director.

DCS successfully combined modern rhythms of Birmingham's multicultural society with the roots of traditional Bhangra music. During this time, Danny Choranji produced twelve albums and had a huge following in Britain and abroad. DCS has performed regularly in the United Kingdom at nightclubs, concerts and weddings on a regular basis. They toured extensively in India, Europe, Canada, the USA and Africa.

As well as producing music in the Bhangra industry, Daniel Choranji has a natural flair for Hindi music. This has led to the production of many successful albums with top artists in the Bollywood film industry.

Daniel Choranji has formed and managed the Bhangra bands, XLNC, BAND BAJA BOYZ, C.I.C. This has also involved teaching musical instruments and giving them a successful platform from which to launch their records. Danny left the band in 1994 after the final album "Doing it" with the hit song "Kangna" to raise his young family.

During the time spent with his family, Danny developed ties with the Gospel industry and continued to mentor and produce artsists behind the scenes. When asked by the press recently, "why he left the industry from such a popular Radio 5 dj, with such a successful string of bands, while being a successful music producer and also helping to launch the movie box label?"

He replied, "I would rather be remembered by my children having a loving father instead of a pop star with many plaques and platinum discs on the wall."

Now after 17 years with a successful family who are all getting on with their lives; his son is breaking into the music industry with his debut album "The Daniels"

With a desire to revitalise the British-Indian music industry, this man who lives, eats and breathes music has always been and always will be a man of music.